1.High Traffic: Located next to the Harley Davidson Rally Point Plaza and steps away from two of the most popular bars in town, there isn't a better place to be. Our buildings have large garage size doors provide a welcome entrance to continuous foot traffic.

2.Right next door to Harley Davidson Rally Point: Last year, the city of Sturgis and Harley Davidson partnered on a multi-million dollar investment and created HD Rally Point. This is a hub for activities, events, and live music daily. Click here for more details about the HD Rally Point.

3.Secure from the weather: Sturgis always brings new characters and surprises, but one thing you can count on is rain and hail. The Black Hills are famous for unpredictable storms. Our indoor locations protect you and your inventory from storm damage. You don't have to close due to storms; in fact, our vendors gain sales during the rain since crowds stay inside our buildings!

4.Extended vending hours: Our buildings are open to the public from 9:00AM to 10:30PM (Mr. Al's) or 11:00PM (Mr. Al's Too). This allows you maximum selling time to increase your profits. Vendors may enter the buildings prior to opening to the general public to help with restocking and preparing for the day's sales.

5.Clean and well ventilated: Mr. Al's and Mr. Al's Too are large buildings designed specifically to promote sales during the rally. The floors are concrete and swept daily. There are private flush toilet bathrooms for vendors only. Doors are garage style and large windows provide for fresh air. With thousands of motorcycles on the street in front of you, this is important for you as a vendor and also a welcome respite for your customers.