What are the building hours?

  • Mr. Al’s is open to the public during the rally 9am-10:30pm
  • Mr. Al’s Too is open to the public during the rally 9am-11pm

What permits do I need?

  • Temporary Sales Tax
  • City Vendor License

Where do I park?

  • Parking is most commonly done on city side streets. This available during the day
    only and not on a 24 hour basis. There are city lots that offer long term parking, see
    city information

Do I need insurance?

  • Yes

When can I set up?

  • Vendor set up begins the week prior to the rally, please refer to your contract for exact dates and times

Can I ship merchandise out prior to or during the rally?

  • Yes, ship to the location, attn: business name

Is there Wi-Fi or internet available?

  • Wi-Fi is available to vendors in Mr. Al’s and Mr. Al’s Too

Are phone lines available?

  • Each booth has a phone line. It is your responsibility to contact the phone server and activate the line. Contact Denny for information about which phone company to contact.

Is there electric service?

  • Each booth is provided with a 110v outlet

Is clothing optional?

  • There is no public nudity allowed
We have a great crowd coming through the building and Main Street has the best traffic for the Rally. However, it is not a guarantee that you will be successful, your success depends upon your effort. Here are some tips to make your rally a profitable one:
  • Research your product offering and pricing. Make sure it fits with the biker/rider market.
  • Your booth should be clean and organized. Professional signage and displays will help. Use skirting on tables to hide storage boxes or back stock.
  • Make sure your staff is knowledgeable about your product and engages people. Staff sitting down, looking at a cell phone will not meet your sales goals.
  • Adjust – don’t be afraid to adjust your display, move items around, change pricing; it may take a few tweaks to find what works best.
  • Take care of yourself. You have over 13 hours a day to sell for 9 days, it is a long week. You need to make sure you/your staff are getting rest and eating well.