To anyone looking for a location: This will be my fourth year in a row renting from Denny & Family located between 2nd and 3rd St. in downtown Sturgis. Excellent foot traffic, you could not ask for more in this department. There is a food court on the side of the building and its a 5 minute walk to the 24 hour supermarket, the police station is a 1 minute walk and the bank is across the Street. Weather: The building has a solid roof, seems we have a strong summer storm that runs through town each year at least once. I've seen the effects it has had on some of the Canvas tops, and I know I would not want to have my goods under one during a storm. Yes, in these neck of the woods, the storms seem to be sudden & swift and can definitely cause damage. So no worries under a solid roof, I see it as a little peace of mind. Security: They lock up tight every night, and I have never lost an item. This is important, Denny & Co. in time of need or if something needs to get resolved in a timely matter you can depend on him not to be hiding out some place, easy to find and will sort things out for you. He has been administrating for many years now and that is a big plus in my book, this coming from a merchant with 34 years under his belt and counting. What else can I say, each year has been better than the last. Good Luck to All

Leon Hernandez

We have been at this location for approximately 35 years and have had a very good experience with sales as well as the security. I would recommend this location to anyone wanting to sell merchandise at the Sturgis bike rally !

Myron Olson

I traveled to Sturgis for 4 years looking for an appropriate location that an optical store and lab could be set up with all the benefits of a great location, reasonable rent and the security I needed to protect my inventory. When I discovered your building I was disappointed to find that all the spaces were rented and everyone was returning again the following year. I spoke with you and you said you would keep me in mind and you did. You called me the following year and now the rest is history. Over the years we have had the oppurtunity to expand througout the city but Mr Al's will always be our flagship and heartbeat of our operation. Thanks for that phone call as you could have called anyone else and we would have missed out of having a great experience of vending in Sturgis.

Bill and Joyce Wood - Opticians

Last year, after the Sturgis 2011 Rally, my partner Tom asked me if we could locate our rally business anywhere without regard to cost where would I want to be? After some thought, we both concluded that there is not a better location in Sturgis than Mr. Als or Mr. Als Too. I have had booths in one or both locations for 9 years. I truly believe it is the best business location in Sturgis for a rally related business. The traffic is excellent, the building is locked down at night with great security and you don't have to deal with the elements of an "outside tent" location. My first year at the Sturgis Rally, my booth was located in a large vendor tent. As always happens in South Dakota in August, a big wind came through---we were still recovering merchandise days later. I would be happy to visit with anyone who is considering a booth location at the Sturgis Rally.

Julie Geyerman - Bad Girls of Sturgis